The Stations


Cadillac is a station on the Green Line of the Montreal Metro.

It got its name from rue de Cadillac, which was named in honour of French explorer Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac.

The station has two entrances, 5995 Sherbrooke Est, and 3315 rue de Cadillac. Both entrances are in small square grey buildings, which are really classy and have a sombre appearance.

When you enter, you find a vast concourse which again is sombre in appearance and very classy, in addition to being practical. The platforms have the same style as the rest of the station, and since the mezzanine is over part of them, that side has a lower ceiling than the other, which may give an impression of proximity on one side and of a bigger station on the other.

Points of interest include Sanctuaire Marie-Reine des Cœurs and École secondaire Édouard-Montpetit.


Both entrance buildings are symmetrical and so is the route from them to the ticket booth.


The mezzanine has two murals by Jean Cartier, one on each side. One side is in tones of green while the other one is in tones of orange.

  • Opening Date: June 6, 1976
  • Line: 1
  • Previous Station: Assomption
  • Following Station: Langelier
  • Entrances: 2


  • Total Entries: 2,499,866
  • Weekday Average: 9,182
  • Saturday Average: 4,661
  • Sunday Average: 3,689

The numbers above are the total sum of entries at the station for the year 2019. Transfers between lines and exits from the station are not counted. The weekday and weekend averages are based on the fall 2019 period of Sept 3 to Dec 6, 2019.