The Trains


Bombardier-Alstom MPM-10 - Azur

The MPM-10, which is commonly known as Azur due to winning a name the train contest on the STM's website, is a type of subway car in the Montreal Metro, and they were built by a consortium of Bombardier and Alstom. Bombardier built its share in La Pocatière, part of the Kamouraska Regional County Municipality, while Alstom built its share in Sorel-Tracy, in southwestern Quebec.

The necessity of the Azur cars was due to the impending retirement of the MR-63. They started their service on line 2 on February 7, 2016, and on line 1 on August 14, 2017. The STM is currently building a new garage at Cote-Vertu station to store and service them, until then they are serviced at Youville Garage near Crémazie station, and are stored in all the garages.

Azur trains are "boa" style, which means they are articulated and people can walk freely between all 9 cars. One of the advantages is people cannot fall between cars, yet a disadvantage is that the trains cannot be shortened, which also makes them unusable on line 5 as long as Saint-Michel station's platform stays its current 6-car length. Each car has 6 sets of doors, 3 on each side. 639 total rail cars were bought by the STM. They have a capacity of 262 seated passengers per train and can have a total of 1555 passengers per train. They are made from  stainless steel with an aluminum exterior skin. They have rubber tires and use 750-volt DC guide bars. The exterior is blue on the side and grey on the front. The shade of blue is called "azure", which translates into "Azur" in French, which is why they got the name. The interior is blue and light beige.

They can be driven manually or with electronic train controls (the latter is unavailable on line 4, but since the trains are not on that line it doesn't affect them). They are equipped with automated station announcements by Michèle Deslauriers, and the three-note sound made famous by the MR-73 (F, B flat, F) can be heard before the doors close.