The Stations


Frontenac is a station on the Green Line of Montreal's Metro. It is named after nearby rue Frontenac, which itself was named for Louis de Buade, sieur de Frontenac et de Pallau.

The station features one entrance, which was rebuilt in 1999. An interesting fact about this station is that although it was part of the original green line when the Metro opened in 1966, this station opened 2 months later than the initial system. It would then serve as the western terminus of the green line until 1976 when the line was extended to its current terminus at Honoré-Beaugrand.

The station has a simple layout and aesthetic. From inside the entrance, there is a convenience store and the fare gates. The escalators and stairs are found immediately beyond the gates. Similar to neighbouring Papineau station, the trip down to the mezzanine level is completed via several escalators. Once there, the layout is rather simple, the corridor branches off into an overhead walkway with stairs on both sides to reach the platforms. The overall look of the lower levels of the station is rather flat and monotonous. Beige, whites and greys colour the floor and walls of the mezzanine and platforms. The platforms received some new modular panelling that contains small tiling consisting of various beige/grey tones to give some texture to the deep platforms.


The station is unique in how flat and monotonous it becomes at the mezzanine and platform levels. There is also no public artwork to highlight at this station either.

  • Opening Date: December 19, 1966
  • Line: 1
  • Previous Station: Papineau
  • Following Station: Préfontaine
  • Entrances: 1


  • Total Entries: 2,817,756
  • Weekday Average: 9,692
  • Saturday Average: 5,776
  • Sunday Average: 4,719

The numbers above are the total sum of entries at the station for the year 2019. Transfers between lines and exits from the station are not counted. The weekday and weekend averages are based on the fall 2019 period of Sept 3 to Dec 6, 2019.