The Stations


Namur is a station near the western terminus of the Orange Line of the Montreal Metro. 

It received its name from Rue Namur, which was the former name of a portion of Rue Jean-Talon. When the station opened in 1984, the street had been renamed. In 1980, Rue Arnoldi was renamed Rue Namur. There are several retail areas located in proximity to the station, as well as new high-rise/high-density residential developments, all within a short walk to the station.

The station has only one entrance, located at the north end of the station. This entrance has doors on both sides of the street corner it is located, facilitating access from multiple directions of arrival. When you enter inside, the station is fairly unassuming at street level, however heading down to the mezzanine level via two escalators, the sweeping and vaulting ceiling quickly comes into view as well as the main art installation, Système.

On the mezzanine level, there is a small Tabagie convenience store. Heading through to the fare gates, the station then directs people towards either the Côte-Vertu or Montmorency platforms. As previously mentioned, the station has only one entrance, which means you reach the platforms from their north end. The station was originally constructed with the intent of leaving open the possibility of having a second entrance on the other side of the Decarie highway, however to date, this has not been constructed.


The depth of the station combined with the public art piece that is suspended from the ceiling creates a unique look and feel for Namur station. The station's location just kilometres away from the A-40 / A-15 highway interchange allows it to offer easy access for those arriving from the west island and beyond, making it a popular choice to reach the metro network and the rest of the city.


The main public art piece at Namur is entitled "Système", created by Quebec artist Pierre Granche. It is a giant illuminated sculpture made from aluminum, arranged in such a way that it appears like a long molecular or particle strand. It is very eye-catching and adds great character and uniqueness to the station.

  • Opening Date: January 9, 1984
  • Line: 2
  • Previous Station: De La Savane
  • Following Station: Plamondon
  • Entrances: 1


  • Total Entries: 2,721,639
  • Weekday Average: 9,735
  • Saturday Average: 5,807
  • Sunday Average: 4,498

The numbers above are the total sum of entries at the station for the year 2019. Transfers between lines and exits from the station are not counted. The weekday and weekend averages are based on the fall 2019 period of Sept 3 to Dec 6, 2019.